Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Ashish Gupta, Professor and Head of the Department ( contact no. 9810149074)

Dr. Ashish Gupta MDS, Prof & HOD is a well renowned Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon with a no. of Publications and a very active member of Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India.


  • Member of organizing Committee of AOMSI annual conference – 1997 (New Delhi)
  • Member of organizing Committee of 13thIndian society of oral Implantologistry -2006.
  • Organizing Secretary of IDA Faridabad Annual Conference – 2006.
  • Co-coordinator for implantology (Hands on) course SRDC Faridabad in 2006.
  • Member organizing committee for IDA Faridabad conference -2009, 2010,2011.
  • Organizing secretary of 36th annual conference AOMSI held at New Delhi-2011.
  • Member of executive committee of AOMSI for two consecutive years ( 2010, 2011).

Contribution to CDE

  • Secretary, Indian Dental Association, Faridabad branch since Jan 2006.
  • Headed various posts in IDA, Faridabad branch including that of secretary, joint secretary, vice president, president.
  • More than half a dozen publications in pubmed indexed journals, IDApublications etc.


This department was established in 2003 with an aim of achieving excellence in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Department today is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and is fast becoming regional center for maxillofacial surgeries. With the opening of Shanti Devi Memorial hospital (120-bedded) in 2008 department got another shot in the arm. From there onwards vision of becoming tertiary care centre for oral small surgical procedures is on course of being reality.
Today this department is dealing with complex oral facial anomalies and pathologies problems. It gives us immense satisfaction to successfully treat unprivileged section of the society.

Routinely surgeries are being done in department includes:

  • Minor Surgeries
  • Exodontia
  • Infections
  • Alveloplasty
  • Small Cysts

Major Surgeries under General Anesthesia includes:

  • Orthognathic surgeries Ankylosis
  • Cystic enucleation (Large)
  • Tumor resection
  • Hemimandublectomy
  • I & D(Incision & drainage)
  • Trauma & Facial Fractures
  • Surgical Pathologies
  • TMJ Problems

Thirst is on following internationally accepted protocol for all surgeries, O.P.D procedures and minor operations. We are extremely focused on developing scientific attitude, analytical thinking & healthy discussions among our wards. Experiences, Complications & innovative techniques are discussed with students to give them maximum exposure.
As a Research institute, emphasis is laid on innovation. Our department is carrying out research on diverse topics like TMD’s, surgical pathology, Orthognathic surgeries. Various research papers have been published in recent years in Journals of international repute.
Dedicated Staff, supporting management, excellent Medical back-up, & innovative minds of our bright students are helping us to take this glamorous branch of Oral & Maxillofacial surgeries to the need level. Our ultimate goal is to impart skill & thinking of a clinician & research in students & provide affordable tertiary care to the least privileged section of society in a field that has so far been elusive to them.


  • Dr. Ashish Gupta (Professor& Head)
  • Dr. Pankaj Bansal (Professor)
  • Dr. Rahul Sharma (Reader)
  • Dr. Sneha Sharma,( Sr. Lecturer)
  • Dr. Vimanyu  Kataria (Sr. Lecturer)

Dr. Ashish Gupta

  • Dr. Ashish gupta and Corresponding DCI Points Total points—47.5
  • Dr. Dhirendera Srivastva, Dr. ashish gupta, Dr. binita srivastav; Primary
  • reconstruction of mandible following excision of ameloblastoma- A study of 20 cases. Indian journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery (1999, vol 14. no 4, pg no5-12), AOMSI OFFICIAL JOURNAL (original article) (DCI POINTS 15)
  • Ashish gupta, Pankaj bansal;impacted mandibular first molar manifestation as neurologic pain; an interesting case report.Clin Dent(official publication of IDA) Oct 2010.(DCI points-5)
  • Ashish Gupta, Pankaj Bansal;Mandibular Swelling- Can it be Multiple Myeloma? Indian Journal of Dental Sciences. Issue: 4, Vol:3, Oct 2015supp, 25-27.(official journal of himachal university, shimla ( govt).) (DCI POINTS---15)
  • Pankaj bansal, Sumidha rohatgi,Archna agnihotri,Ashish gupta. Non syndromic multiple supernumerary teeth with peripheral giant cell granuloma a case report.Contemp Clin Dent 2011;2(1):41-4. (PUBMED INDEXED, DCI POINTS-7.5).
  • Ashish gupta, Rahul sood, Pankaj bansal : bilateral ameloblastic fibroma in 6 yr old child- rare case report J Oral Health Comm dent 2010; 4(3): 88-91.( DCI POINTS -5) Dr. PANKAJ BANSAL TOTAL D.C.I POINTS- 42.5
  • Pankaj bansal, Sumidha rohatgi,Archna agnihotri, Ashish gupta. Non syndromic multiple supernumerary teeth with peripheral giant cell granuloma a case report.Contemp Clin Dent 2011;2(1):41-4.pubmed indexed(DCI POINTS- 15)
  • Sumidha rohatgi,S.C Narula, Rajnder sharma, Shikha tewari,Pankaj bansal Clinical evaluation of correction of pathologic migration with periodontal therapy:Quintessence Int 2011;42:e22-e30 ( pubmed indexed) (DCI POINTS---7.5)
  • Ashish Gupta, Pankaj Bansal; Mandibular Swelling- Can it be Multiple Myeloma?IndianJournal of Dental Sciences. Issue: 4, Vol:3, Oct 2015 supp, 25-27.(official journal ofhimachal university, shimla ( govt).) (DCI POINTS---7.5)
  • Pankaj bansal, Sumidha rohatgi, Navneet sheokhand. Skillful management of exodontia complication to prevent dreadful sequelae J Clin Exp Dent. 2010;2(4):e1-3 (publication of medicina oral).(DCI POINTS---5)
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  • Rohatgi Sumidha,S.C Narula, Rajnder sharma, Shikha tewari ,Pankaj bansal.A study on clinical attachement loss and gingival inflammation as etiologic factors in pathologic migration.Provisionally accepted in N J Clin Prac (indexed in medline).
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  • Dr.Sheosevak Pandey DCI Points-- 40

A. Publications under category-I of DCI letter.

  • AFMRC Research project of 2 years duration between July 1998 and June 2000. AFMRC Project no: 2217/98(Original work) (DRDO approved and financed project)
  • Surg cdr Arun Behl,Surg Lt cdr D Raghavan,Surg cdr(D) SS Pandey,Surg Lt cdr H mani. Giant Epidermoid Cyst of the floor of mouth.MJAFI 2001; 57:247-249. (MJAFI is medical journal Armed forces India; It is a peer reviewed national Journal-medical)
  • Surg cdr SS Chopra,Surg cdr SS Pandey. Occupational hazards among Dental surgeons.MJAFI 2007; 63:23-25.

Dr. Rahul Sharma

  • Topic:Bone resorption after bioresorbable fixation of a fractured paediatric mandible – A case report, Oral Surgery, Wiley’s Publication. Vol 4 Issue 1. Feb 2011
  • Topic: Hepatitis B & C: Emerging Sourge in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. N J Max. Fac. Surg. Vol (1). Dec. (2009).

Dr. Ashish Gupta

  • Anterior Segmental osteotomy 10 cases in Association of Oral & maxillofacial surgeons of India annual conference at Chandigarh in January 2000
  • Treatment of bimaxillary protusion in common - wealth dental association conference at New Delhi in January 2000
  • Medical emergencies in dental practice in IDA – Faridabad 2005
  • Tumor biology at Annual conference of AOMSI NCR state chapter in 2005 at New Delhi
  • Medical emergencies in dental practice at Gurgoan IDA 2005
  • Basic principles of oral & maxillofacial surgery in conference on minor surgery & implantology at Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi in march 2003
  • Guest lecture at gymkhana club on “effect of tobacco use on oral structures” on occasion of no tobacco day 2008
  • Guest lecture on “complications in oral surgery” at IDA meet 2010.
  • Guest lecture on “oral surgery and dentistry “in IDA Faridabad annual conference 2011
  • Guest lecture IDA gurgaon on oral surgery and general dentistry.
  • Has been regularly delivering lectures on various topics for awareness regarding role of dentistry in general health on different forums like in hospitals and colleges.